We Treat You Like Family

Ending a marriage, dealing with custody or recovering from a serious injury are deeply difficult times. At the firm of Santoro, Carr PLLC, PLLC, we understand these challenges and have the extensive divorce and personal injury legal experience you need at this difficult time. We will serve you attentively, from start-to-finish, with a transparent process that keeps you updated and seeks the results you deserve.

Our founding attorney has over 20 years of strong family law and personal injury claim experience and will treat you like family. Read more about him below.

David Carr

Passionate Commitment, Personalized Attention

With deep knowledge of family legal and personal injury cases, our family law attorneys understand the New York court system and focus on three factors to assist you with legal needs:

  • An all-inclusive process: We will thoughtfully guide you through every step of your legal journey, keeping you part of the decision-making process.
  • Efficient timelines: We will seek a resolution to your issues, as affordably and quickly as possible, without wasting your time.
  • Results: Our main goal is success so you can move forward with life.

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Facing a divorce or custody issue? Been injured due to the carelessness of another? Santoro, Carr PLLC knows the laws and how to help you resolve legal issues and move forward. Contact us by calling 646-340-1034 or send an email to arrange a consultation.